Artist Statement

My work is shaped by my relationship to wild spaces where I have lived in Alaska and in Montana, my birthplace and home. I create photographs, sculpture and masks expressing uncommon views of natural forms.

Regarding my photography work, I consider myself a visual artist who collaborates with nature utilizing photography as a tool. In the editing process I make design choices to feature chosen elements and attempt to express a felt experience.  I experiment with a range of image abstraction and poetic interpretation which can make my photographs look more like paintings. My work is informed by a lifetime of engagement with the natural world and over forty years of experience in the arts. I am a primarily self-taught visual artist with long roots in design and using the arts as a practice of engagement, connection, and interaction.

My work is a physical expression of what engages me when I walk in the woods near my home and in wild places. I experience these moments as layers of interactions with the temperature, light, air, water, plants, insects, animals and inorganic elements in the landscape. I bring these relationships to my work and see how we can collaborate to create something new.

Whether it is photography, mask making or sculpture I like finding how things fit together in what I am creating. It is a discovery, an exchange between the direction already present in the materials or images, my visceral experience of a place and my curiosity. I seek to capture the interdependent relationships I see.

Writer, farmer and activist, Wendell Berry, describes the care of the earth as our most ancient and worthiest responsibility. I dedicate my art making and art actions in the service of that responsibility and my hopes for the health of the earth, our home.