Not Walking with My Camera: From the Car Window


I can’t walk outside or drive these days with my broken ankle but sometimes I take photographs out the car window. Here are some moon clouds I photographed at our mail box one night.


A wander into moon clouds… (imagining)

          The reflected sunlight came here into the darkness  

          I pass through as if I had stumbled into a Tim Burton movie

          under the moon clouds

          my strange elongated body moves past the quiet tangled magpie nests

          and the skating pond where the ice forms clear above the trout in the deep 

          maybe here, for a moment, I can lift off the cold earth and weightless―

          drift beyond my clunking broken gait…

Some inversions and cold days have frosted the trees. Occasionally the sun burns through. A couple days ago, whizzing past Evaro Hill, I took some shots out the car window.


House-bound entertainment…


          I hunger to walk beneath the trees.

          For now, this night, 

          I let myself enter the image before me,

          to feel the ice crystals on the needles                     

         and travel on the bright glance of light, into the blue, blue, blue…