Not Walking with My Camera: November Edges in December


While on a walk the day after Thanksgiving, I was chasing after Jordy the Samoyed, rolled off a rock and broke my fibula bone on my right ankle. I am grateful to be able to walk in a boot but I won’t be walking in the woods or skiing for a bit. I looked into my November photographs and found a couple to share.

This photograph is of Larch needles and some small leaves gathered in one of my favorite gathering places alongside one of my regular walking paths.  I love the places where visual edges meet. I am drawn to the lines formed by natural elements. I can’t say why except they are places where my body leans in and I have a response in my gut (literally). Maybe it has something to do with my body recognizing a connection between my body and these places―a recognition of how the differences in these elements are recognizable as separate but they also fit together―visually separate pieces adding up to a diverse whole and a sense of all the parts that are intertwined.

Here is another collection gathered in the ditch―Larch needles, Rocky Mountain Maple, Red Osier Dogwood, some smaller leaves―not sure what the other leaves are―maybe Snowberry, Wild Rose and Alder? Colors transformed―teaching me about transformations and how there can be new views and movement in change.

The Fireweed seeds have dispersed. Ready to grow forward. Their lines of release form curved celebrations.