Skiing with My Camera: Blur, Edges and Bone


Since my last post―some days there was sun, some days chilling wind and one day this mountain was like a mirage―the lines softened as if it was barely there.

It snowed more. In places the shape of the snow has a quiet sense of movement―a hard to describe undulating stillness. Montana has had some record breaking cold temperatures in parts of the state―minus 38 degrees in West Yellowstone and snow records of over 70 feet of snow in Havre this winter. Lately where I live, in Northwest Montana, it has been around 18 degrees, a good temperature for skiing.

Some days were vivid with ice lines against the moving water.

I am making slow progress on a mask for my upcoming show at The Great Western Living & Design show in Great Falls, March 15-18. Currently I am contemplating attaching this jaw bone to the mask. It has been in my collection for many years).

Note: See below for Montana Winter Links for Temperatures and Snow