Skiing with My Camera: Sun and Snow

New Snow on Grey Wolf Peak


The winter of 2016 was the last time I skied (because of some broken parts of my body) but starting last Saturday I have been able to ski again―out the back door― lots of snow ―some sun―joy. The snow had all melted away and it was starting to feel spring like with temperatures in the 40’s―then it snowed about 15 inches.

When I was little, my parents took my siblings and I skiing out our back door in Petersburg, Alaska as soon as we could move with skis. We would tromp around on the snow-covered muskeg. My body has a long tradition of sliding on snow and I was missing it. So happy to get to be doing it again.

Me with my skis , one of my brothers and my sister

The snow, colder weather and some wind brought new forms in the ice and snow. I looked at some of the images this week through editing explorations to see what I could find. When I push deeper into line, texture or contrast or other elements I find new perspectives

I am making slow progress on a new mask in preparation for my upcoming show at The Great Western Living & Design Exhibition.

Here is a detail of the mask―lots of little pieces to fit together.

Jordy the Samoyed likes the snow too.