Skiing with My Camera: Melt, Mud and Blackbirds

Almost Subaru Swallowing Mud Ruts

The snow is slowly melting. I took this photograph today. Our road has the deepest muddy ruts we have ever seen in our many years living on this hill in Northwest Montana. My trusty little Subaru gets through them but in a few places it is a bit of a battle.

Last Ice

This photograph was taken just a week ago. Now all the ice has melted in the irrigation ditch by our ski path. New colors emerge from the long winter– a warm contrast to the remaining ice and snow.

Shadow Stories of the Leaves to Come

The Alder and Rocky Mountain Maple branches spread their bare arms in fields of star light and whisper of the yearning green.

Snow, Wind Shaped to the Contours of the Earth

The snow changes every day, with the weight of water.

The Snow Sings of Traveling

When I pause I feel a stillness laden with a journey already begun in a tiny chorus of letting go.

Layers of Early Spring

I continue to be drawn to the layers of light and reflections in the water

Spring Gathers Red-winged Blackbirds

I celebrate the return of the blackbirds, robins, nuthatches and so many more.