Skiing with My Camera: More Snow and Ice

Looking toward Gray Wolf Peak in the Mission Mountains

Today was sunny and cold with a morning temperature of -13 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a wind chill alert for -57 in Havre, Montana today so our temperature was much warmer than many parts of the state. My sister posted photographs from their ranch of the new born calf they had to warm up in their house. I think about the ranchers during this time and about the deer on their thin legs going through the deep snow.

My shadow on the irrigation ditch bank

Some of the ice in the irrigation ditch had a sheen on it that made it almost glow.

Ice meets water

The cold and snow create so many new shapes and textures.

Layers and lines of ice, snow and water
Jordy the Samoyed – Snow Queen

Jordy the Samoyed was made for this cold weather.