Skiing with My Camera: Tracks in the Snow

Two Kinds of Tracks

When it was colder and we had so much snow I didn’t see many tracks. Now there are lots more critters moving around.

Deer Tracks in the Deep Snow

The deer have to work hard to get through the snow.

Larger Unknown Tracks

I am not sure what made these tracks. Occasionally we get some Elk in the area so maybe one came through.

Mystery Tracks

This creature who left the tracks in the image above must be very light but have larger feet. Does anyone recognize these tracks?

Maybe Mouse Tracks?

In the image below there are some tracks along with the curved shadows of some old Mullen stalks. I like the way the shadows make marks on the snow.

It has been warming up during the day but freezing at night so we still have plenty of snow which suits Jordy the Samoyed just fine.

Jordy the Samoyed in Northwest Montana ~ Mid-March