Walking with My Camera: Larch Needles in the Snow


(photograph of my exhibit by Sheri Jarvis, Montana Arts Council)


I have returned from exhibiting some of my work at the Celebrate Montana Artists show. I am grateful to the Montana Arts Council’s Montana Artrepreneur Program for the support and camaraderie I experience with the coaches and artists in this group.


Artists Thrive workshop participants (and facilitator. James Grace) at the Celebrate Montana Artists Gathering (group photo by Sheri Jarvis, Montana Arts Council)

The night before I headed over to Helena I packed my Subaru to the brim and went on an evening walk with my camera.

The wind shaped movement of the Larch needles in the snow caught me for a time. I imagined their delicate sifting through the air to find a new place on the cold white covered earth. For several weeks I have been paying attention to Larch needles and once again,  I felt an awareness of arrangements.

A sense of “we are in this together” washed over me. We are in this together―this air―this earth―these trees―this snow―my breath―your breath――these needles―once a part of a tree―now moving back to earth―such movement caught for a time in stillness.