Walking with My Camera: Layers and Edges

I found a way to get outside with my slippery walking boot (for my broken ankle) – large STABILicers with some extra straps and my walking poles!

 Jordy the Samoyed was happy too. We have over 15” of snow on the ground and it is still snowing.

I photographed snow and branch refelctions in the irrigation ditch while walking―well sort of gallumping along―trying not to mess up the ski tracks. There are big mounds of snow in the trees and branches.

I liked the layered images of snow and the places where you can see the light reflecting off the plants and rocks in the water.

Though it has been cold over the last couple days (down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or –17.77 Celsius) even so, there wasn’t too much ice on the ditch, but I did find one ice edge that caught  my attention.