Walking with My Camera: Rain and Gray with a Little Blue


Today was gray with rain. Some parts of Montana had snow and -6 degrees, but we didn’t get the arctic air. It was a 40-degree rain in puddles on top of the ice and snow kind of day. Click on the link below for a video that gives a little taste of my walk with Jordy the Samoyed. 

Mostly it has been gray, but last week, in the early evening of January 29, there was some blue and the light and the clouds gave me a feeling of spaciousness.

I like rain―I like snow―and still sometimes, I yearn for the sun and blue.

Here is one the peaks Northwest of Grey Wolf Peak. It carved lines in the blue.

I have been working on masks to get ready for a show in March. I will be exhibiting one-of-a-kind masks and limited-edition photographs at the Great Western Living and Design Exhibition in Great Falls March 15- 18, 2018. I would love to see you or meet you if you are in the area.

Here is a link to the event from my artist facebook page and the website for the venue.

This is a close-up of a mask in an early stage. It will mostly made with birch bark.

Jordy the Samoyed this afternoon before she covered herself in burrs.

A small sampling of a massive number of burrs. Oh Jordy Jordy……………..