Walking & Skiing with My Camera: Frost, Snow and Branch Lines

Frost and Moon

Last week the snow melted out of the trees and we had some hoar frost days.

The Ski Path Last Week and Jordy the Samoyed

Another transformation is in process. It has been snowing continuously for two days where I live with my family up on a hill in Northwest Montana.

What I See Out the Window as I Am Writing

Small steady snow flakes keep falling—enveloping our home in a sheltering quiet.

Snow on the Chokecherry Branches

I love the black lines of the snow covered branches. I am not sure why. I keep staring at them. Perhaps someday I will know. Taking photographs while out skiing or walking is an invitation for me to notice and engages me in a dialogue with the place where I am and the inner threads that beckon me. Sometimes an image is a stepping stone on a long path. These branch lines feel like they are just the beginning of journey that I don’t quite understand yet.

Snow on Cherry Tree Branches

I saw these tracks last week and I don’t know what made them. Does anyone know? They were not more than about two inches long.

Unknown Tracks