Walking with My Camera: Peonies, Rain, Bark, Water

It is the day after solstice – I am missing the sol/sun with more rain today. The heavy-headed Peonies bend toward the ground. The waters bring stories. Someone spotted a grizzly swept up in the Augusta flood waters.

The days have been filled with rain, hail and new snow in the mountains with occasional sun.

Walking in the rain with Jordy the Samoyed.

I have been surrounded by bark and bark dust working on my grizzly head sculpture. Currently I am in a phase where I dig through the material and a different kind of knowing leads me to make choices about placing tiny pieces of bark. The bear piece will be part of a small show of recent work at 4 Raven’s Gallery in August.

No photographs really worked in the last eleven days though some of the images give me a taste of something I want to investigate more. I am intrigued by the texture of the rock and the energy of the water in this image.

I travelled to Bozeman (Montana) last weekend and had the pleasure of reading one of my poems which is included in the newly released anthology of contemporary Montana writing “Bright Bones” published by Open Country Press. It was great to hear some of the other contributing writers read from their diverse funny, provocative, insightful, and touching work.  The book can be purchased online at (in Missoula at Fact and Fiction)

Jordy the Samoyed in the Lupine.