Walking with My Camera: Blue, Air, Yearning, Water, Bear


Yesterday, for a time
wind carried the layered smoke away
from the valleys, ravines and mountains
we felt the BLUE of sky lift us clear
felt inside, AIR


Today, some blue, some haze…

The smokey days pull me to water. I slip into a watery space for a time. I sit next to the water, scrunch around in the dirt and rocks of the bank―end up wet on various parts of my body. The last two weeks I have been working to capture some water spray that shoots up from a stick caught behind a board that regulates flow in a small irrigation ditch.

I feel an excited yearning―getting close to something―there are elements that have a yes and also a “not quite there”―wanting more―more of? I have to pause an ask more of what? Feel around and try again, and again. I have been fiddling around with collage to see where these ideas want to go.

On a walk this last week a larger bear stopped to look at us for a long while. Usually the bears run away. I was wondering if it was trying to figure out the large white fluff that is Jordy the Samoyed.

I am working on cleaning an elk skull, part of my next project.

My exhibit at 4 Ravens Gallery was going to come down on August 27 but the show has been extended until at least September 3rd.

Here is a short video of the exhibit.