Walking with My Camera: Aeration, Equinox, Leaves and Light

Aeration―water from the mountains flowing through the beaver dams to the Jocko River as it moves towards the ocean. I wish I could hear all the stories it could tell.

One night last week the irrigation ditch held the glow of fall light.

This last week small leaves caught me in the drama and a times the subtlety of their changes. I kneel to them and my walks are slowed down.

So far today has been an inside day. I did some experimenting with a new way of framing―looking for clean simple lines and I applied for a group show.

It is after 4pm and I haven’t been outside. Time to go walk under the dark sky with Jordy the Samoyed into the silver, leaden, shimmer cloud grays mixed with the leaf reds, yellows, and fading greens on this day of almost rain. Stepping on the other side of the autumnal equinox may the new season bring you opportunities to celebrate and reflect upon the changes.