Walking with My Camera: Bears, Willow Seeds, Water, Rose, Spider, Bee

We had heavy rain and some hail yesterday. Today is overcast. This morning I watched a bear walk through our yard and took this photograph through the living room window. He or she looked healthy.

I am making slow progress on my bear sculpture. It has a long way to go, probably at least sixty more hours. It is hard for me to show photographs of work in progress because it takes a long time for anything to start to come together.  I usually have to live with not liking a piece for what seems like forever in the development of the work. For more about my process I am posting updates on my facebook page or Youpa Stein Visual Arts.

The abundant moisture has led to lots of greenness. The green feels absorbent, I feel absorbed in the green on my walks. The air smells like wild roses. I found this spider and a bee in a rose.

Along the irrigation ditch there are small billowing clouds of soft white willow seeds.

I am still photographing the spring water.