Walking with My Camera: Big Knife Creek Treasures

I regularly walk by Big Knife Creek, a small waterway on the Flathead Reservation of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in Western Montana. I photograph this area most days of the year. Recently I went into a more overgrown part of the water shed. This part of the creek is darker but when the sun finds its way through the trees and bushes, there are small windows of light shining on rocks in the water. I found myself on a color treasure hunt with my camera.

I really love the ochre, marigold, amber, cinnabar, sinopia and rust colors. I stood in the cold water and hovered over patches of light.

At one point when I left the creek to walk alongside it I sunk up to my knees in swampy moss, grass and mud. One slurpy sloggy step at a time I progressed in small increments until I found drier ground. My slothful movement made me smile.

On a north facing slope I found this odd wildflower. It might be Monotropa Uniflora.

May you have moments that slow you down and fill you up.