Walking with My Camera: Cloud Sky Branch Reflections (and a spider)



I am still exploring reflections.

― Red Osier Dogwood branches vibrate lines across clouds and the sky blue ―

On the other side of the ditch from this image Serviceberry petals were collected in the water.

I didn’t notice the spider and bee until I downloaded the photograph. I am often surprised in this way. A closer look brings an unexpected reveal―a temporary tableau of characters.

― seeds, wings, small splashes of Dandelion yellow, a spider, a dead bee ―

A reminder of how I only see a small bit of each moment.

I did an internet search to try to identify the spider. I don’t know spiders. Maybe I have not wanted to think about them much―probably a consequence of being bitten by them several times between the ages of 11-17. Every night I would anxiously search my bedroom walls and bed sheets in my attempt to prevent bites. Insects have always seemed to like me. One time I found four ticks on my body after playing in the woods (no one else had any) and another time I counted fifty mosquito bites. I remember soaking my body with vinegar trying to tame the itchiness and then lying in bed trying not scratch.

I have learned to be okay with spiders on a personal level (though some of them can still trigger the heebie jeebies) and I have greater appreciation for spiders and the roles they play in ecosystems. This delicate pale spider adrift on petals doesn’t seem threatening. It might be a Tibellus oblongus (oblong running crab spider). I hope to learn more about it.