Walking with My Camera: Emerging Leaves and the Waters of Spring


Rain laden clouds on May Day. Last week the leaves were held closely, their potential palpable in the air, now they are emerging. The return to green has been a slow process with new snow visible in the higher mountains. I am thinking of the ancient celebrations of the return of spring (flowers, fire). I have seen just a few wildflowers on my walks (Trillium, Buttercups, Spring Beauty). I live on a densely forested hillside and my family and I have been working on fire mitigation, removing and burning brush and dead tree branches and trees. Last night we watched bright flames shoot twelve feet out of the burn piles into the darkness. Today I am editing photographs and writing …

The phone slices into the day with distant odd communications about a body, mind and phone not working as desired, then another call, a bright cheery voice tells me I have earned a trip to Orlando, Florida. I politely hang up on the offer and go back to editing photographs, eat some goat milk kefir, think about doing some PT exercises, roll around on my chair ball and then go back to writing. In another diversion I fiddle with wires and get Alexa working in time to hear Susan on the radio play something – I didn’t catch the name – a vigorous classical tune that makes me feel I should be typing faster.

I choose some photographs to share. I am taken by the energy of spring in the water and work to uncover it more.

I am drawn to revelations in this fluid world.

A wave over an orange brown rock, green water plants, deep blues and the lines of sunlight – a Spring welcome.