Walking with My Camera: Ice Silvers and Just Enough Snow to Ski

Ice on the Irrigation Ditch

This last week we have had just enough snow to ski. Today it has been raining so I will probably be walking rather than skiing when I go out this afternoon.

In early January, before it started warming up, the winter sun gave a silver sheen to the lines in the irrigation ditch ice.

Recently I traveled to Ennis to drop off art work at the gallery Artists on Main. They have an active facebook page. I am excited to be represented by this gallery in this tiny town where visitors from all over the world pass through to visit Yellowstone Park and fish the Madison River. Ennis, Montana is located “in the heart of the world’s best fly-fishing country.” I will be posting images of the work which includes some of my fall leaf images when the gallery has them on display.

Delivery of art work to Artists on Main

I photographed these mountains on the way to Ennis through the car window with my phone. I like the way the lower resolution gives the field a more painterly feel. The grasses speak of resting earth, the snow and sky speak of the journey of air and water and the dark blues speak of the trees and stone in the winter light.

On the Way to Ennis, Montana

It took awhile to get Jordy the Samoyed to pause for a moment. She loves the snow and the smells and she doesn’t always understand when I want to take her photograph.