Walking with My Camera: Jocko Falls June Runoff

At Jocko Falls this time of year the snow melt creates raucous plunging water. If you visit the falls you need a Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribal recreation permit which can be purchased at a places such as Bob Wards or Sportsman Warehouse in Missoula, Montana. I bring my camera and experience to a collaboration with water and the water inside me remembers a long journey.

The water within remembers


falling through sky,

running through earth,

salt of ocean,

blood, sweat,

petals, leaves, tears,

swelling the belly of seeds

sliding, gliding, leaping, swirling, penetrating, soaking, flying, meandering, freezing, melting, boiling, seeping

death waters

birth waters

I send my Gratitude for Water

I send my Gratitude for Water Protectors

Water is Life