Walking with My Camera: Jocko River & Big Knife Sun Light

Sun Lines

It is a strange small yet vast journey to stare at the water running in Big Knife Creek and try to capture sun lines–the tiny lines feel so big–views of the energy of the sun and water written out in wild brilliant script.

More Sun Lines

I also seek images of circles within the water. Can you see the center circle below? Water is so essential and powerful. For me it offers a way to remember that always, mostly unseen by our eyes, the natural world has layers and layers of unfolding and connecting.

Water is Life Circle

Last week I was up Jocko Canyon in Western Mountain, not far from home, as the the sun was setting on the Jocko River.

Bright gleams of light highlighted the movement of the water.

At times it seemed a tapestry.

At 1/60 sec – the flow of light and water – a shimmering living body – entered my body and for a moment there was a dance.