Walking with My Camera: Larch Needles



Rain storms are moving through today. Lots of change. Intermittent sun lights up the golden wash of Western Larch in the mountains. The winds this last week helped arrange Larch needles in puddles along the ditch road. Such intricate arranging. I wish I could see a time lapse of it happening.

Last night I mostly I used my phone to take photographs because it was getting dark fast.

Some Larch trees in Washington are reported to be over 900 years old. The world record Larch, near Seeley Lake (Montana), is 153 feet tall and 264 inches around the base. Now is the time of Larch needles losing their chlorophyll, reavealing yellow xanthophyll pigments. (Information gleaned from an article by Lori Micken*)



I like the patterns created by the interaction of the wind, rain,  and Larch needles