Walking with My Camera: Leaf Blaze and Ouzel


Today is grey with rain but many days this last week had a breathe deep clarity. Blue sky in the cooler air gave more definition―a place to to define the self of leaves and water, even when the big troubling world leaned heavy in my heart. I got to hear the air bubbles of a beaver descending under the ditch bank a few days before the big machine came and scraped the beaver dam away and one night I had a moment with a Water Ouzel perched on a stick.

Unedited Blaze of  Rocky Mountain Maple Leaf Reflections

Rocky Mountain Maple Leaves and Sky Reflection


Calls come through shadows and light and magenta, gold, limey green with the fade of summer growth toward the earth. The Chokecherry leaves and the filtered sun― say, “you can enter here” and I crawl in and rest for a time.