Walking with My Camera: Leaf Reflections (and a bear)


Outside the window the clouds are lead grey and the peonies bend their heavy heads from the weight of many wet days. I recently returned from a trip to California. Today the scruffy thin bear ambling through the yard helped me know I am home and far away from the many cars of the golden state.

While in California I went for a walk with a friend around Bon Tempe* Lake Reservoir in Marin County.  The creek running into the lake held leaf reflections.

I fell―

not a hurting fall where gravity bangs you up―

but a fall into the greens, the shadows, the moving light

and the leaf reflections, they carried me, for a moment

*Bon Tempe is an “Americanization” of the family name Bautunpi. The three Bautunpi brothers ran a ranch and dairy that was later removed to make way for Bon Tempe and Alpine reservoirs. Bon Tempe Reservoir was constructed in 1948.