Walking with My Camera: Leaves, Blossoms, A Bear and Water


Last night it rained hard. This morning the sun warmth feels moist. The new wildflowers on my walks include Shooting Stars, Arnica, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, and Clematis. The green is surging.

In sunnier places the Serviceberry blossoms are out and in the cooler places they are getting ready to unfold.

A couple nights ago I saw a long lean bear on the north side of the hill close to where we live. We got to look at each other but by the time I got my camera out I was only able to get one shot of the bear running away.

The melting snow pack and the rain is creating flooding around Montana. The Clark Fork River in Missoula is at a 40-year high and getting higher. 

Most days I am working on a studio space for myself.

I continue to be drawn to photographing the waters as they rise and leap down Big Knife Creek.