Walking with My Camera: Smoke, Backside of a Bear, Water

The smoke in the sky has been increasing for several weeks. Initially it was smoke from California and Oregon, but now there are Montana fires. Yesterday we had a clear day but most days it is getting harder to see Grey Wolf Peak on my walk. We currently don’t have any fires too close so we can’t smell smoke.

One of the places I photograph regularly on my walk is a headgate where Big Knife Creek comes into the irrigation ditch. There isn’t much water flowing through the headgate creating a dark background for the water that was splashing up on the way toward the Jocko River.

The Service Berries and Chokecherries are sparse this year in the area where I walk, but I did see this healthy looking bear running away from berry foraging the other day.

I love the green leaf reflections.


If you want to see my exhibit at the 4 Ravens Gallery in Missoula, but haven’t had the chance yet, it will be up until I take it down on August 27.