Walking with My Camera: Snow and Sorting Through More Leaves

Looking Toward the Mission Mountains this Morning

We have snow. Today on my walk it was 22 degrees. It seems quieter in the woods with the muffle of voluminous white.

Jordy the Samoyed seems less white and smaller. The trees seem taller. Jordy really, really likes the snow.

Before the snow it rained and rained, so I haven’t taken many new photographs since my last post. I’ve been sorting through fall leaf images to see if I can glean anything from my archives.

I did found parts of a few photographs that pulled me into their lines. To me the lines in these images have a robustness and an evident sturdy purpose. Some of the lines have a fragile intricacy. The experience of these different qualities opens me to the sacred architecture of life. May the lines of these leaves remind you of your own exquisite construction and purpose.