Walking with My Camera: Water Sun Lines,Thistle, Swallowtail, Frog Eye

Watery sun lines, shadow ripples, rusts, greens, taupes infused with light – why am I so drawn to them? I believe part of my attraction is the experience of the interactions between the sun, some 93 million miles away, the water circulating through sky, land, water bodies, our bodies, the weight of stones and the plants making their own energy from light. The visible interplay of relationships between these elements are so infinitely varied in the small creek space in where I pause to take photographs most days of my life.

The berries along the ditch are almost at the end of their fruiting cycle . I’ve been eating thimble berry, current, wild raspberries and service berries. Yum.  In addition to the native plant species there are many non-natives proliferating along the ditch where I walk. I learned that what I have always called Russian Thistle is probably Musk Thistle or maybe Canadian Thistle (please let me know if you can identify this thistle – thanks). It was great to see a Swallowtail Butterfly enjoying the thistle, even though it is an invasive non-native species.

Jordy the Samoyed pre-skunk spray

Frog Eye Gold


I opened my exhibit, ELEMENTAL, at the Radius Gallery last night – part of my on-going obsession of exploring how natural forms interact with each other―creating new forms within forms.  (I forgot to take photographs at the opening). Thanks to everyone who came to the show.  The show will be up until I take it down on Monday, August 27.