Walking with My Camera: Wetness, Darkness, Brightness

Most of the rest of the country is crackling and sweating with heat but Northwestern Montana has been cool and moist. I continue to see at least one frog every day on my walks (happy). The rain has created lots of puddles for them.

Sun bright leaves catching light at the end of the day

A feather, perhaps an untold story, a remnant of a meal or a lost part.

Moon Rise

I continue to work on my bear head sculpture. Now is the time of attention to small details with time slowing patience.

I am also working through water images and imagining them forward into three-dimensional space. It is an odd cycle of internal―to a representational external―then back to an internal process―to get as close as I can to something I can’t quite see yet. I must follow the sense of the images I am moving toward. I am still drawn to photographing the water through the headgate.