Youpa Stein Visual Arts at The Great Western Living & Design Exhibition

I will have a booth at the Great Western Living & Design Exhibition in Great Falls on March 15- 18. Thursday – Saturday times are 10am-8pm with live music 6-8pm and Sunday there is a pancake breakfast and the time is 10am-3pm. This event takes place during Western Art Week in Great Falls, the largest collection of Western Artists and buyers in the U. S. and buyers in the U.S. The Great Western Living & Design Exhibition is the largest living and design show in Montana with over 80 artists showing the best of the West. I will be exhibiting one-of-a-kind and limited edition masks and photographs.

Partial image of a mask (incorporating a beaver jaw bone)  that will be shown at the Great Western Show.

Image of the teeth on my facebook page: )

I am just finishing up a new mask I will be exhibiting. I incorporated a beaver jaw bone into the mask. I’ve  had the bone for a many years and I had not really explored it. When I was sanding it the teeth came loose and I could pull them out. I was surprised about how long they are. (I read a bit about beaver teeth and found out that they never stop growing and the teeth appear orange-yellow in color, because the thick enamel contains iron deposits which keep the enamel strong I was drawn to the sculptural shape of the bone and the way it echoes the lines in the wood in the mask. In my recent mask work I have been exploring ways of expressing how person-made materials are being integrated into biological systems and living matter. One morning I woke up thinking about the bag of used cell phones I have from my mother’s tendency to drop-her phones in water. I took apart some of them and a couple pieces are in this mask as well.

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